Recently, it came to our attention that many of the pastors we work with in Africa and their families sacrifice much to do the work of the ministry. Some even spend their own finances on building the church while their own families are needing a home themselves or their homes are lacking much needed repairs and upkeep. We saw the dedication of these individuals to "seek first the kingdom and His righteousness" and decided to do something to help them. While in Uganda, we became aware of a need of one pastor for iron sheets for his home to have an adequate roof. He had spent what he could to establish a building for his church while his family suffered with a home that did not protect them from the weather properly. Because of us seeing his dedication to the gospel, and to building the Kingdom of God, we decided to do what we could to help him. With the support of many other Ugandans, The Glory Ministry reached out to this family and provided what was needed to complete his roof with new iron sheeting. Through this effort, this project was birthed and continues today to provide adequate housing for pastors who show great dedication and determination to see the Kingdom of God advance on this earth. Will you consider helping to bless one of these great men and women of God by helping to provide their families adequate housing, or repairs to their homes? Any amount you can give to this project will go to help ensure these families have a safe, warm, and adequate home to live in. if you want to help with this project, please click the donate button below. Thank you.  Donate Here