Divine Destinations Ministries International

Divine Destinations Ministries International is a 501c3 ministry based in Alabama. Our hearts desire is to do humanitarian work both here in the United States and in Africa.  We have been working closely with Pastor Thomas Wamukota in Kitale, Western Kenya.  Over the last 8 years we have helped the Joy Academy Education Center with food, school supplies and clothing for the children.   We have also built 2 churches in the outer villages so they would have a place to worship out of the weather.  We have hopes for so much more.

We are now working on three projects that we believe will help out the most.  1) drilling a well for water, this will give fresh water to over 70 children, school staff and the local community.  2) Starting a goat farm to help supply with fresh milk, meat and sales of animals for extra income.  3) To add additional rooms to the school so the children will have a place to be out of the rain and sun.

We are always looking for donations so please go to the donation page and take a look at what you are able to help with.  We thank you for all your prayers and assistance in any way.

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Apostle Alisa Robert, Founder and President of Divine Destinations Ministries International.  In 2014 she agreed to mentor eight churches and has helped build two churches in North Pokot, Africa.  Most recently is assisting in the needs of the Joy Academy Education Center with more then 70 children.  


Pastor Thomas Wamalwa, Vice President of Divine Destinations Ministries International and supervisor over the Joy Academy Education Center in North Pokot, Kenya, Africa.



Robert Wood is serving DDMI as Secretary.  He is Founder of Salvation Messenger International and serves on other boards that operate in Uganda.  Assisting DDMI with promotions and as their webmaster.

Informational links for Joy Academy Facebook - Instagram - GoFundMe

Email joyacademyeducationcentre@gmail.com

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New School Supplies
Food Donation
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Joy Academy Education Center - GoFundMe

Vision statement:  To be the center of excellence in provision of holistic education

Mission statement:  To provide quality education to all our children in order to equip them with correct skills , attitudes ,values and knowledge for life 

Motto:  John 3:16. God is love 

Core values:  Godliness, unity , commitment ,integrity,  and professionalism...

Joy Academy Holidays T-shirts and Field trip to a park in December 2021

Cost for each t-shirt to be printed there in Kenya is $3.90. We need 80 shirts, so the cost will be $312.00. The cost of a bus from Pokot to Kitale Park is approximately $200.00 and snacks and park fee cost is $148. So, the total cost of the holiday field trip will be $348.00. 

Pastor Thomas designed the T-shirt and has someone there that will print them for the children.

The Joy Academy Goat Project

Thank you so much, to everyone that participated in the Goat Farm school project. In less than one week, we raised enough money to buy another 18 goats for the school.

You can still purchase a goat for $15.00 or $20.00 and they will raise it for profit.  You can even name the goat yourself.