In Phase I, we purchased a piece of property in Uganda which is approximately 2 acres. This is being used to build an orphanage to house children who may otherwise never have a home. This first phase was completed in 2018. A small home was built using local materials and in the local style. This home will be used to house around 20 boys in the future but for now, it will house the Director of this project and his family. With them onsite, the building can go forward more efficiently.  Donate Here


Phase II of building will be completed sometime in 2019, with the addition of another home, in the same style and with similar materials. The approximate cost for this second building is $4000 USD. Also during this phase, a kitchen will be built to properly store equipment, and prepare and cook meals. The approximate cost of a kitchen is $1000 USD.  Donate Here


In Phase III, we will purchase a house that is directly adjacent to the orphanage property for $5000 USD to provide immediate occupancy and double our housing area quickly. An additional restroom/shower will also be built costing approximately $1000 USD.  Donate Here


Phase IV of this project is to make this orphanage self sufficient through various income generating projects. Our first goal, is to set up a store where various food items and grain items will be sold to help support this project.  Donate Here


Funding is needed to build, maintain, and operate the orphanage. If you would like to donate to this cause, please use this donate button. All proceeds will go to building, taking care of the needs of the children, and maintenance of this property. To give to this project, please click on the button below. Thank you, our children are waiting for a home.  Donate Here


Adopt A Child Project

With $40 monthly, you can "adopt" one child and help supply him or her with adequate food, clothing, and school fees. There are currently twelve orphans/vulnerable children needing support monthly. As funds become available, more children will be able to receive desperately needed help. Please consider giving a monthly or one time gift to help children have a better life as we share the love of Christ with them through providing their basic needs. Please click on the button below to give to this project and help a child today! Thank you.  Donate Here

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Apostle Deus & Pastor Claire 

Directors in Rubindi, Mbarara, Uganda



Become a part of something Great in a Child's Life TODAY!  School Fees, Uniforms, Books, Meals and so much more...