Funding is needed to finish building, to maintain, and operate the orphanage. If you would like to donate to this cause, please use this donate button. All proceeds will go to building, taking care of the needs of the children, and maintenance of this property. To give to this project, please click on the button below. Thank you, our children are waiting for a home.  Donate Here 

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Most needed..  $4,500.00usd

There is a 4 bedroom home that comes with a small banana plantation that  is adjacent to the property we have now.  This home will help support shelter and provide food for the children that need a home now.

The coast for this property is near $4,500.00usd.  We know that it may sound like a lot but the bananas, and 1.25 acre plot is worth this due to the area and access to the original property.  Thus causing a increase of productivity both for the home and the income to operate.


Next Most needed..  $25,000.00usd

A need for a ministry van to help move children and equipment from place to place is highly needed.  We are looking for what ever you can bless us with.  We would like a Van due to its size for our sound equipment.  We are looking to invests $25,000.00usd.  maybe less but to find one that is not going to need repairs again soon after perches.

Next Most needed..  Any amount you can give to keep the day to day operations going.  Daily operations very due to growing seasons and children's needs with school fees and so on.  

Adopt A Child Project,

With $40 monthly, you can "adopt" one child and help supply him or her with adequate food, clothing, and school fees. There are currently twelve orphans/vulnerable children needing support monthly. As funds become available, more children will be able to receive desperately needed help. Please consider giving a monthly or one time gift to help children have a better life as we share the love of Christ with them through providing their basic needs. Please click on the button below to give to this project and help a child today! Thank you.  Donate Here

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Apostle Deus & Pastor Claire 

Directors in Rubindi, Mbarara, Uganda


Become a part of something Great in a Child's Life TODAY!  School Fees, Uniforms, Books, Meals and so much more...