I am traveling to:  WHY I GO TO AFRICA follow the link.

Kenya, Africa in May.  My total cost for this trip will be around $5,200.00.  This will cover the flights, transportation, room and things I'll need when I am there.  My ticket from JFK to Nairobi is paid for and I will be booking the rest of the flights soon.  I could sure use your support as I am going to help make plans to put in a water well, build more school rooms and help set up supplies for the children.  (and more)  Click here for a brake down of expense's.  CLICK HERE to make a difference in so many lives.  Thank you.

Update:  My flights and my room are all paid for as of today.  I still need help with shots, covid tests, luggage fee's and other expenses still.  Please help by donating.

To give a tax deductible donation please give to:  The Glory Ministry, 3739 Pratt Lake Road, Gladwin, MI 48624.. in the memo Robert Wood


Become the Humanitarian Worker You have always wanted to be!

A Humanitarian is a person who cares about people and who often participates in charity or does good work to show that care. An example of a humanitarian is a person who gives time and money to relieve the suffering of humanity.   Lets work together to save lives, alleviate suffering, and maintain human dignity

Here we discuss 4 arias of humanitarian aid that our ministry helps in.  (You would be surprised just were you may fit in)  Lets start with the basic needs of food and shelter.  Every one needs food and a place to call home, even if it is temporary.  Next is health, if we don't have our health we wont be able to operate properly.  Then that leaves education, if we don't know how to fix our problems or at least know why they are happening then we never advance in life.

Well ok, there is a 5th kind of Humanitarian..  this one is the most simplest of them all.  JUST DONATE to one or all of the other four.  Either way your hands are being put to the plow to help fellow mankind.

Wikipedia has a webpage devoted to Humanitarian aid.  Take a moment and see what they have to say about this and then consider helping us with our efforts in Uganda, Kenya.  We hope to extend to the surrounding countries here in Africa and even extend into Brazil and Philippines.

Food Donation
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Salvation Messenger International - Robert Wood Jr

As of now we assist other ministries with their food, clothing, educational and some medical needs.  We are building relationships and will soon be teaching/sharing inspirational messages that will lift the human spirit and bring them hope in themselves.  By doing this we believe that when a person has hope they will learn better and begin to rise above the low or negative mindset and start to use the principles that are being taught to better themselves.  Thus creating a higher self esteem and then creativity where they can reach for the sky and obtain short term and then long term goals.  Build the person and then build the nation.

In five years we are planning to help build churches, schools, orphanages and tech schools to help build people us so they will be successful.  They have all they need to do it but the guidance and financial assistance.

The Glory Ministry - Dr Rev Brenda Smith

Bringing the glory of Christ to ignite the nations through biblically sound preaching at conferences and open air meetings, caring for orphans, widows, and the underprivileged. Our heart is to bring hope to those who have no hope.

Our most resent activity was helping to establishing an orphanage in Rubindi were we are looking to expand with another orphanage and school. This would be a more economical way to educate and take care of 40 plus more venerable children.


Divine Destinations Ministries International - Alisa Roberts

We are now working on three projects that we believe will help out the most.  1) drilling a well for water, this will give fresh water to over 70 children, school staff and the local community.  2) Starting a goat farm to help supply with fresh milk, meat and sales of animals for extra income.  3) To add additional rooms to the school so the children will have a place to be out of the rain and sun.