Operation Uganda

Operation Uganda

Operation Uganda is a fund Raising Campaign to gather the needed provisions to provide assistance for the orphans and vulnerables in Uganda, East Africa.  The definition of vulnerables:  Any man, woman or child that needs help with every day basic needs.  Example:  food, clothing, shelter, education, transportation and medical.  These people have no family, no income or even some times no work to make any money.  They do not have a government system to assist them in there poverty.


Partner with us by giving any size monthly gift for at least one year.  We realize that some months you may be able to give more or less.  Your consistency in giving is what is so important.  Help us reach the nation’s of the world with Christ’s Love.  Maybe you feel that your aren’t called to go to Africa or to any faraway place, but remember the scripture is very clear, those who go and those who send receive the same reword!  SEND US!!  Together we will fulfill the great commission, “TO GO INTO ALL THE WORLD”.  Thank you in advance for partnering with us.  To become a partner CLICK ON THIS LINK or Mail us a check payable to The Glory Ministry.

Mail To: 

The Glory Ministry, 3739 Pratt Lake Road, Gladwin, MI 48624  Please write in the memo line where you would like your donation to go. If left blank we will put your donation in the most needed fund.  Thank You

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