Salvation Messenger International

Salvation Messenger International (SMI) is a First Amendment Non-Denominational Church that has been around since June 2005.  Our main focus is exhorting and uplifting others to know the love of God our Father through the teachings of Yeshua, who most know as Jesus Christ.  Our Ministry intends to help with humanitarian efforts as in food, clothing, shelter, education, sharing the Good News Message and make friendships wherever we go.  We are also looking forward to sharing with you to God's Identity, Steps of Salvation, Transformation, Five Fold Ministry and many Testimonies.  You can reach me at 

The Pantry - (USA) We are looking to build a food pantry that will be governed by sponsors and distributed by referrals.  The sponsors of The Pantry would have an opportunity to provide first hand assistance to people that they know are in need of food.  The Pantry would provide adults and children with one weeks worth of groceries along with a meal plan so they can make the food last.

Salvation Empowerment Ministry - (Uganda) this is a grass root movement that is providing hope to thousands in third world countries.  We have started this project in Uganda, Africa with Bishop Adonia Kabagambe who oversees several churches in the area.  By sharing God's will in a persons life they will be empowered and have a stronger desire to move deeper into the Kingdom of God.  By providing simple instructions on how to transform their minds to the mind of Christ they will knowing Gods will.  To know God and Build His Kingdom.  With this knowledge people will see their lives from a different prospective and be empowered to change.  You can be a part of this movement that is starting in Uganda, Africa right now.  Our goal is to share this message with the surrounding countries and then to all the nations. Some sample messages that are being shared right now.

1. Causing mindset change towards good health, prosperity, and spiritual knowledge.  2. Developing self-esteem, and self appreciation among the people  3. Making awareness of our people's history and the rich cultural background.  4. Knowledge and appreciation of God  5. Appreciation of the environment  6. Imparting self skills among the people  7. Developing agriculture  8. Developing modern technology  9. Education of children for the future  10. Fighting poverty  11. Uniting people's of different tribes, cultures, faiths, communities into the knowledge of God.  12. Developing cultural values.  (All this being taught through the transformation of our mind from the fruit of the flesh to the fruit of the Spirit.)

Salvation Messenger Training Center - (Uganda and Kenya) We are at the development stage of the Training Center.  What we would like to build is a location that will provide education both academically and spiritually.  We are purposing 1) a children's school from beginners to graduates  2) Bible school to teach and train pastors more in-depth studies  3) Provide an orphanage to help with the needy children in the area 4) Have a small farm on the property to provide food like chickens, pigs, rabbits and goats 5) Have a two acre garden to grow year round food to help subsidies the food perches 6) Have business buildings to help teach a working skill and place people into employment 7) Provide rental housing to help keep operations coasts low and have people near to help work this property.  This is just a few ideas that are being shared at the moment

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Robert A Wood Jr - President / Founder

I received Christ at the early age of 11 after having a dream that helped me understand what having Christ in my life meant.  Years later I graduated high school in 1985 and then entered the Navy November that same year.  Completing boot camp I was assigned to the USS Enterprise and it was deployed in the Arabian Sea. 

It was March 1986 as I flew from Michigan to my ship we landed in Nairobi, Kenya were I meet a couple from Ohio that was there on a missionary trip.  They gave me a Kenyan Bible and told me the Lord wanted me to have it.  

After my time in the Navy I was more active in the church and started to lead a Bible study and then children's Sunday School.  It was many years later before I began to teach and preach before the body of Christ.  

In 2005 the Lord gave me the name Salvation Messenger.  I began to minister in different churches and started my own internet ministry.  Mostly a blog to share short stories and testimonies.  Shortly after that in 2008 I was Ordained by International Ministries Forum out of Dayton, OH.  Now I travel were ever the Lord leads and minister both in person and by the internet.  

Its been several years now and I am now starting to move into the international ministry.  In 2020 I visited Uganda, Africa with a friends ministry to see what the international ministry was like.  I am now fully convinced that I am being called to Africa, to help educated the people not only in life advancing training but in spiritual life transformation.  I knew back in 1986 that I was called to Africa and never had an idea how I would fulfill that vision. 

So this leads me to Salvation Messenger International, were I am going to help the people of Africa organize biblical training and help them with their transition to a more spiritual life through Christ our Lord.   I am ordained through International Ministry Forum out of Tallapoosa, GA and look forward to sharing the Gospel Message to all that will hear.