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Traveling to Kenya May 26 through June 9, 2022

I am looking forward to my trip to Kitale, Kenya this coming May.  We will be assessing a few programs we would like to start there.  First would be drilling a well for fresh water so that the children and surrounding families will have water.  Right now they travel nearly a half mile for water from the stream and it is not fresh.  Many people have gotten sick from drinking this water after storms or rain fall.  Secondly we are looking at helping build a few school rooms in addition to the church that was build there a few years earlier.  Right now the children are outside in the sun and weather.  We are looking at building 4 classrooms to house the children we have now and offer higher grades as well.  Thirdly we have started a goat farm so that the school would have meat to eat.  We purchased 20 goats and the children have been learning how to take care of them and milk them.  Fourth we are looking to expand into the near 20 acers of land that the church owns and start a small farm so the food wont coast so much. There are many more things we are looking into but for now that is the start of it.

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USA Food Bank $1.00 is 6 meals - Here is a link to the prices of food in Kampala, Uganda - Here is a link to the prices of food in Nairobi, Kenya

One time $10.00,  Monthly $10.00 - 120.00 year,  Weekly $10.00 = 520.00 year - Your Best Gift = $$$

We are looking for financial partners that will help with water, orphanages, schools and job training projects.  Our goal is to help people to get up and make their own living so we can help another.  We do not want to just be a hand out service. We want to help them change their lives.

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Ongoing Projects

Our AT HOME PROJECT is to build a food pantry that will allow churches and participating businesses provide a pass to individuals or family's in need. This pass would provide a full week of food provided with a meal plan.  Example, 1 adult would be given enough food for 3 meals a day with drinks and snacks for one week and the same for 1 child.  So a family of 4 with 2 adults and 2 children would get a weeks worth of food each.  (note: 1 semi truck of food is $1,000.00 and donations)

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Salvation Empowerment Ministry - A grass root movement that is providing hope to thousands.  By sharing what God's will is in a persons life will empower them to move deeper into the Kingdom of God.  With this knowledge people can see their lives from a different prospective and be empowered to change.  You can be a part of this movement that is starting in Uganda, Africa right now.  Our goal is to share the message with the surrounding countries and then to all the nations. Some of the messages that are being shared right now.

1. Causing mindset change towards good health, prosperity, and spiritual knowledge.  2. Developing self-esteem, and self appreciation among the people  3. Making awareness of our people's history and the rich cultural background.  4. Knowledge and appreciation of God  5. Appreciation of the environment  6. Imparting self skills among the people  7. Developing agriculture  8. Developing modern technology  9. Education of children for the future  10. Fighting poverty  11. Uniting people's of different tribes, cultures, faiths, communities into the knowledge of God.  12. Developing cultural values.  (All this being taught through the transformation of our mind from the fruit of the flesh to the fruit of the Spirit.)

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