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Serving the United States, Africa and the World..

We are not a new organization. In fact, The Glory Ministry has been a 501(c)(3) organization since 2007. Before that, we have been reaching impoverished countries for several years. Countries such as: Panama, Costa Rica, San Blas Islands, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. Our latest work is in Uganda, East Africa.  More...

Our President Apostle Dr. Rev Brenda Smith and Vic-President Apostle Deus Mbyehuzya

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Prayer and Alter meetings were we seek the fire of the Holy Spirit, the presence of God and revival. All denominations are invited. 

Tawas, Mondays at 214 Adams Street East. Time is Noon  -  Gladwin, Tuesdays at 1064 Ranger Drive.  Time is 10am

Contact Brenda Smith for more information at 98-965-7057


Latest Ministry Activities in Uganda Africa.  Follow along with the links


Heading out for Uganda..  Feb 23, 2021

On our way to Uganda
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Use this link to see our Glory Childcare Project page.  Thank you for your consideration and interest.