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Salvation Messenger International (SMI) is a First Amendment non-profit, non-denominational ministry that mostly focuses on the Salvation Message and peoples testimonies.  Under the States page you will find all 50 states listed as well as each county within that state.  A Church Listing will be added to each county as we find them.  The purpose is to have churches available as you travel to each state and let each church have an opportunity to share a testimony, their web page and their contact information.  As we grow you will see more..

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Alisa Roberts is the International Coordinator for The Glory International Outreach Church in Kenya, East Africa

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Come on a ministry trip with us! We offer trips to Uganda for anyone interested in using their gifts and talents to bless people in this African nation. Whether you preach the Word, teach adults or children, or just serve the body of Christ in some capacity, what ever you do comewith us to change lives. You will be blessed as you are a blessing.Come be a part of changing lives and having your life changed. Click on the discover more button at the bottom of this paragraph to read more about this opportunity or to contact us.


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The Glory Ministry

Dr. Rev Brenda Smith works in the five fold ministry and is the Founder/CEO of The Glory Ministry.  She operates as an Apostle and currently serving in the nation of Uganda, Africa.  She has served on several mission trips around the world and has ministered at many crusades.  She also has been helping build schools, orphanages and churches along the way.  The Glory Ministry is a 501c3 ministry and has been in operation since 2007.  Learn more about this ministry and Rev Brenda on the link below.

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Adopt A Child Project

With $40 monthly, you can "adopt" one child and help supply him or her with adequate food, clothing, and school fees. There are currently twelve orphans/vulnerable children needing support monthly. As funds become available, more children will be able to receive desperately needed help. Please consider giving a monthly or one time gift to help children have a better life as we share the love of Christ with them through providing their basic needs. Please click on the button below to give to this project and help a child today! Thank you. Donate Here

Free Gift

This awesome gift is summed up in a word. It is not just another word we add to our vocabulary or to our personal status. It is truly a life style change and a God induced desire for outreach. This word represents so much more then we can ever receive or behold. It over flows us with utter love and compaction. It is an experience that one will never forget. If we choose to except this free opportunity we will have a new life. So we shout it from the mountain tops, sing it as we work and tell others any chance we get. The word in a nut shell is... SALVATION.



SALVATION MESSENGER INTERNATIONAL is helping to raise money for several charitable events. Currently helping Ugandan and Kenyan African Missionary's as they are building both orphanages and schools.  We also are supporting food programs by starting small business to help support themselves.  You are welcome to donate time, money or supplies for these causes.  Find the Donate here buttons and help were you would like.  Thank you

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