Salvation Messenger International

Salvation Messenger International (SMI) is a First Amendment Non-Denominational Church that has been around since June 2005.  

Our main focus is exhorting and uplifting others to know the love of God through the teachings of Yeshua, who most know as Jesus Christ.

Salvation Messenger International will be using what we call the awareness platform.  We intend to use any and all forms of communication that we can find.  Examples would be radio, photo, video, audio, written, social media, in person and any others we may not know of yet.

Our Ministry intends to help with humanitarian efforts as in food, clothing, shelter, education, sharing the Good News Message and make friendships wherever we go.  We are also looking forward to sharing with you to God's Identity, Steps of Salvation, Transformation, Five Fold Ministry and many Testimonies.

There is so much more to come as this page gets built.  You can reach me at 

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Robert Wood Jr



Our next move:

Salvation Empowerment Ministry - A grass root movement that is providing hope to thousands.  By sharing what God's will is in a persons life will empower them to move deeper into the Kingdom of God.  With this knowledge people can see their lives from a different prospective and be empowered to change.  You can be a part of this movement that is starting in Uganda, Africa right now.  Our goal is to share the message with the surrounding countries and then to all the nations. Some of the messages that are being shared right now.

1. Causing mindset change towards good health, prosperity, and spiritual knowledge.  2. Developing self-esteem, and self appreciation among the people  3. Making awareness of our people's history and the rich cultural background.  4. Knowledge and appreciation of God  5. Appreciation of the environment  6. Imparting self skills among the people  7. Developing agriculture  8. Developing modern technology  9. Education of children for the future  10. Fighting poverty  11. Uniting people's of different tribes, cultures, faiths, communities into the knowledge of God.  12. Developing cultural values.  (All this being taught through the transformation of our mind from the fruit of the flesh to the fruit of the Spirit.)

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Your Help is Needed

I am returning to Uganda this March and then to Kenya in May.

In Uganda, we wish to help educate and uplift the people so they can have dignity and honor in their lives.  So when the evangelists come the word of God will be more relevant and powerful in their lives.

In Kenya, we are building a school were we have already built a church.  We need a water well and school rooms.  We need so much..

You can be a part of this ministry by donating today.  Go here for more information.

Adopt A Child Project

With $40 monthly, you can "adopt" one child and help supply him or her with adequate food, clothing, and school fees. There are currently twelve orphans/vulnerable children needing support monthly. As funds become available, more children will be able to receive desperately needed help. Please consider giving a monthly or one time gift to help children have a better life as we share the love of Christ with them through providing their basic needs. Please click on the button below to give to this project and help a child today! Thank you. Donate Here

Ministries and Friends

Dr. Rev Brenda Smith, The Glory Ministry, Gladwin, MI

Apostle Alisa Roberts, Divine Destinations Ministries International, Opp, AL

Bishop Adonia Kabagambe, Prayer Base Ministries International, Uganda and KASHARE MIRACLE SCHOOL, Mbarara, Uganda Africa.

Elizabeth Nyabuto, Shield of Hope Orphanage, Kenya, Africa

Melchy Sedac, J.M. Full Gospel Church and Jesus Christ, Kolar Gold Fields (KFG), India

Tusubira Sam, Global Christian Outreach Ministry, Church of Christ, Kampala, Uganda Africa

Okwii Richard (Mchungaji), Associat Pastor, Rwimi Christian Fellowship, Fort Portal, Uganda Africa

Deogratias Nuwagira, Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement, Nsiika, Uganda Africa

Onesmus Twasiima, Potter's Missionary Church, Mbarara, Uganda Africa


SALVATION MESSENGER INTERNATIONAL is helping to raise money for several charitable events. Currently helping Ugandan and Kenyan African Missionary's as they are building both orphanages and schools.  We also are supporting food programs by starting small business to help support themselves.  You are welcome to donate time, money or supplies for these causes.  Find the Donate here buttons and help were you would like.  Thank you

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